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CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty

CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty

CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty   CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty
Penn Spinfisher SSV - 6500. Please note: These items are on a crazy special price for only a short period!! Considered the top saltwater spinning reel by saltwater anglers worldwide, the new PENN® Spinfisher SSV continues the 50-year legacy for the light tackle spinning reel that started in 1963 with the Greenie Series. Incorporating today's advancement in materials and technology, this fifth-generation reel has no rivals. The full-metal body including sideplate and rotor is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater use and delivers an exceptionally tough and rigid body. The Water Tight Design with six separate seals (nine on the rear mounted Live Liner® models) and the truly sealed HT-100 Slammer® Drag keeps the internal workings dry. The unique sealed Slammer Drag system boasts 3 HT100 drag washers, 1 on top of the spool and 2 over size washers underneath the spool, all greased for smoothness and longevity.

Extreme range, endless adjustment, and a large diameter drag knob so you can easily crank down to max drag. Stainless steel mainshaft and five Shielded stainless steel bearings plus one keep the internal workings smooth and corrosion free.

Additional features include Instant Anti-Reverse, an oversized aluminum bail wire, Superline SpoolT that allows braided lines to be connected directly to the spool without the need for backing. As an added bonus, there are three line capacity rings on the spool which show the angler 1/3, 2/3, and full capacities on the reel. The 11 reel series includes three Live Liner models (SSV4500LL, SFV6500LL and SFV8500LL). Built for fishing live and dead bait the Live Liner system allows a fish to pick and run with your bait on a light drag. When you want to set the hook, simple start cranking and the Live Liner drag disengages, the front drag engages and you're tight on the fish.

Reel weights start at 364 grams while the largest Spinfisher SSV weighs 1114 grams. Gear ratios range from 6.2:1 on the smallest models, 5.6:1 on the mid-sized models, 4.7:1 on the larger models and 4.2:1 on the largest. Maximum drag capabilities vary from 20 pounds to 40. The Spinfisher SSV family also introduces the largest of any PENN spinning reel, Model 1050.

Built to hold 415 yards of 30-pound monofilament or 750 yards of 50 -pound braid, this reel allows the angler to survive those long line-stripping runs huge fish dish out. 5 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings + IAR. Line Capacity Rings on Spool. Stainless steel main and pinion gear. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Fishing\Reels".

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  • Reel Type: Spinning Reel
  • Reel Size: 6500
  • Brand: Penn

CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty   CLEARANCE Penn Spinfisher V SSV 6500 Reel + Warranty